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Spark Bowling at Pheasant Lanes


Spark® is the industry’s first immersive, interactive scoring experience. Spark surrounds the bowler in a mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind experience as it delivers the latest technology and entertainment trends to your lanes.

Spark’s energy starts at the scoring tablet and flows through the settee area, down the lane to the pins, surrounding the bowler in mesmerizing graphics. Spark’s fast, fun, engaging games encourage socialization while letting bowlers choose their own adventures.


Guests can select their Spark experience directly on their Sync tablets, choosing from more than 15 animation themes and even projecting their own photos onto the lane. Spark’s exclusive Heads-Up Display™ projects scores and stats directly on the lanes. Spark also brings your guests’ favorite Sync games to life on the lanes, from the mass appeal and brand power of Angry Birds to corporate events team competition provided by Rival Rumble.

Developed exclusively for Spark, Boombots turns the lane into an interactive part of the scoring experience. Boom Bots enables guests to score by hitting targets on the lanes as well as pins, supercharging the fun for casual bowlers while staying true to why guests are in the center—to hit pins.

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